Libor Behounek - Logic - Teaching - Logic of Questions 2002/3

Logic of Questions 2002/3

A block of 3 lectures within Petr Jirku's course Logic-Related Topics in the summer term of 2002/3.


The aim was to introduce the basic concepts of the logic of questions, primarily through the Groenendijk-Stokhof approach (related to the classical intensional semantics).

(1) Subject of erotetic logic, bibliography, basic terminology. Rudimentary intuitions about questions, postulates for formalization; comparison with classical logic. (2) Groenendijk-Stokhof erotetic logic: propositional, predicate; comparing answers. (3) Limitations of the Groenendijk-Stokhof system. An overview of other approaches to questions (Wisniewski, Tichy, Belnap-Steel, Hintikka-Aqvist); criteria for a viable theory.


Materials for Students

Logic Related Topics in the 2002/3 summer term

Petr Jirku's course Logic-Related Topics had the following structure in the summer term of 2002/3:

  1. Ondrej Majer: Logic of Counterfactuals (4 lectures, March 2003)
  2. Libor Behounek: Logic of Questions (3 lectures, April 2003)
  3. Marta Bilkova: Provability Logic (2 lectures, May 2003)
  4. Miscellaneous lectures: