FreeCiv Maps - Vertical Stripes

Vertical Stripes

42 x 25 (1 - 3 players)

The Stripes Map


Screenshot - Stripes
Vertical Stripes

About the Map

A map for a long quiet game aimed at strong economy and science (after the initial period of quick expansion).

The map was made by adapting a part of a computer-generated map by a procedure similar to that of the Megaswamp map. Since a better starting position (without close neighbors or on a rich land stripe) would give too big an advantage to the lucky player, the number of players is limited to three and the map made periodical, thus ensuring that both or all players have mutually symmetrical starting positions (the special resources and huts shouldn't make a big difference; they can be set to 0 to have an even game).

Previous Versions

Version Date Features
v.1-2 (current) 2003-Jun-6 Added: save_name.
v.1-1 2001 The first release.

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