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40 x 25 (1 - 15 players)

The Megaswamp Map


Screenshot - Megaswamp

About the Map

The map utilizes corner-touching land/sea squares as much as possible. Although the landmass pattern is very simple, it gives the map several interesting properties: all parts of the map are accessible both by land and sea units (including triremes); every land square (and thus every city) is coastal. This makes ships an effective means for safe (as they cannot be attacked by land units they meet) and quick transportation of land units, and battleships a strong weapon against all cities and land units. (All of these properties would be preserved even on land/sea squares 2x2.)

The map was made by adapting a computer-generated map (generator=1, landmass=85%, unavoidable sea blots filled with land terrain types to fit the---slightly randomized---"climatic zones"; finally the alternate squares changed to the sea). Manually editing the land squares could probably make for a more vivid environment, yet the atmosphere and style of the game would nevertheless be the same.

Previous Versions

Version Date Features
v.1-2 (current) 2003-Jun-1 Added: save_name.
v.1-1 2001 The first release.

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