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Small World

72 x 36 (1 - 15 players)

The Small Map of the World

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Recommended ruleset: Small Earth Nations


Screenshot - The Old World Screenshot - The New World
The Old World The New World

About the Map

The map was created following the same rules as the Big Map of the World, only the grid was set to 5×5 (rather than 2×2) degrees.

The game is less realistic than with the Big Map of the World: the scale is so large that the necessary distortion of many parts becomes too big and many features cannot be rendered at all; the continents are too small (they can support only a few cities); the civilizations occupy too large portions of the world, and inappropriately large areas are accessible in the early stages of the game. Nevertheless, the map serves well for a quick game in a familiar environment, especially if one wants to feel the self-satisfaction from conquering a whole continent within a few years.

Small Earth Nations are recommended for the historical nations and their birthplaces. The continents look more familiar with non-isometric tiles (e.g., Trident).

Previous Versions

Version Date Features
current 2003-Sep-13 The first release.

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