Libor Behounek - Profile

Libor Behounek

I am Czech, male, living mainly in Ostrava and Prague (Czechia, Europe).

I work as a researcher at the University of Ostrava; follow the link for my activities in logic. During my studies I also intermittently worked as a programmer, typesetter, webmaster, tutor, and translator.

Properly written in Czech, my name has a check (the accent that looks like a tiny letter v) above the first e in the surname Behounek ("B\v{e}hounek" in TeX). It is pronounced approximately as "lib-borr b-yeh-own-eck" would be pronounced in English (the stress is on the first syllable in both words).

Some of my non-professional activities

(N.B.: The list is neither complete nor representative: only such activities that happen to have some form of web presentation are listed.)

Furhter quirks (besides being a logician)

I am a vegetarian (in fact, vegan whenever reasonably possible). The reasons why to be a vegetarian are summarized, e.g., here.  (Or here in Czech.)

I support the following charities: Light for the World CZ, SENS Research Foundation, Vegan Outreach, Otevri oci, and New Harvest.

(Why do I mention it here? - To encourage you to do the same, unless you already do, of course! :-)