FreeCiv Maps - Plain Plain

Plain Plain

40 x 25 (1 - 10 players)

The Plain Plain map


Screenshot - Bare Plain Screenshot - Playing Plain Screenshot - Fuseki
Bare Plain A Plain Game "Fuseki"

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About the Map

Plainly speaking, this is probably the most boring map that can be figured out - yet at the same time the most fair (and plain).

A full "monochromatic" map would of course be more desirable; yet at least one water square is necessary to make irrigation possible (without it, technology necessary for transforming terrain would hardly be achieved). For this reason two ocean bands in the north and south were introduced. They were made two squares wide lest the coastal cities should be shorn of the squares for exploitation (and also to prevent barring the sea with a single craft). The sea thus not only makes a natural border of the map, but being the place where all irrigation has to start influences the game vastly, making the strategy in the early stages of the game somewhat similar to that of Go.

The choice of plains for the terrain type was made since it is the simplest terrain type that generates a modest amount of food, goods and trade at once and can easily be transformed to other terrain types; some variations of the map would of course be possible (forests with silk or grassland with resources etc.).

Special resources and huts are eliminated to make the contest more fair (and the map more plain), the only randomness being the initial position (except for 2 or 10 player games, which in this respect are fair) and the combat dice.

The map is only good for playing against human players: AI opponents cannot cope well with this uniform kind of terrain and are quite lame.

Previous Versions

Version Date Features
v.1-2 (current) 2003-Jun-13 Fogofwar=1, added save_name.
v.1-1 2001 The first release.

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